How to structure an affiliate product review article

Starting an affiliate website with product reviews builds a strong foundation for success. Here is a free product review article template from Imagine4D. Using it yields a few benefits. First, it eliminates guesswork for writers. Instead of experimenting with concepts like a novelist, they follow defined steps. Second, it turns writers into experts. After writing three reviews, they will know enough to start crafting information articles.

Free affiliate reviews article template
Use this reviews template to start your new affiliate website.

Brand new websites will not rank for the first six months. This is called the Google sandbox. With new sites, ignore rankings. Focus on building quality content. If you can do that for six months, you will break out of the sandbox and start ranking for keywords.

But why start with product reviews? In the classic affiliate marketing funnel, the process starts by building awareness. On an affiliate website, you build awareness with informative articles.

Affiliate marketing sales funnel
Information draws traffic into the funnel. Product reviews convert s traffic into sales.

The reason to start a new site with product reviews is to educate your writers. How can they create informative topics if they don’t know anything about the product?

By using the cookie-cutter approach outlined in this guide, your writers will become experts. They will also have a clear framework to build on. With informed writers and a strong foundation, you can take your content to a higher level of depth.

Free Product review template

The template is online as a Google doc, with notes.

Here’s the live version. This is so you can see how the final result looks:

Finally, you can download as a text file. Copy and paste this text directly into your site. Then, start editing to make it your own.

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