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Before building a website, it’s important to start with keyword research. A few years ago, many considered keyword research an advanced SEO skill. But modern tools have changed that. Today, anyone can do effective keyword research with the right tools. Here are three great tools to do keyword research yourself.

In 2019, Keywords Everywhere released a free Chrome Extension. Before, you needed a pricey AHREFs or Semrush account for keyword research.

Keywords Everywhere changed the game by letting you research using your browser. Type search terms into Google, and Keywords Everywhere renders data. Example:

Keywords Everywhere data
The extension shows search volume, related keywords and related phrases.

Soon after release Keywords Everywhere became a stable tool for many SEOs. In October 2019, they rolled out a paid version of the extension. Many that we know balked at the idea of paying. We paid $10 and still have most of our credits after 6 months. This option is highly recommended.

You can download the free version, or buy credits to start using the premium version.

Keywords Everywhere alternatives

Those cheapskates who insist on not paying have two solid free options.


Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a solid free keyword research tool. It’s especially good at helping find long-tail keyword variations.

First, visit Ubersuggest. Second, enter a keyword. Third, choose a country to get results from. Then, click “search”.

Ubersuggest interface
Enter keywords, choose a country and click “search”.

The results will show a few things. First, you get the historical search trends for the term:

Ubersuggest search trends

Second, you’ll get some solid keyword research, plus a list of top-ranking content.

Ubersuggest keyword research results

This data is enough to craft a powerful keyword strategy. For free.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer by Surfer SEO does the same thing as Keywords Everywhere, but it’s 100% free.

After installing the extension, enter your keywords in Google. Keyword Surfer will give you the search volume, plus three boxes of data in the right sidebar.

Surfer SEO interface

Along the side, there are three boxes with useful supplementary information:

Surfer SEO data sidebar

This extension works just as well as Keywords Everywhere, and it’s free (for now).


Every content marketer should be using these tools as a key part of their work. Keyword research helps to understand trends, interests, and variations in a niche.

If your website is about dog food, plan new content using keyword research tools.

  1. Find search terms in the dog food niche with high search volumes.
  2. Study the articles that rank best for those terms.
  3. Find information gaps in the top-ranking articles (what keywords are top pages not ranking for?).
  4. Write your own versions of top-ranking articles. Add sections to cover the information gaps in the other articles.

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